Welcome Hoppers!

Welcome to Mrs. Hall's first grade website. Please check this page weekly for information about the Hoppers.

Week 20

This week we learned more about weather and temperature by taking the temperature everyday in the morning and afternoon. We observed the clouds, wind and sun then made our own weather report. We also conducted an experiment to see if mittens are warm. During writing time we created a magical snowman story and took it through the writing process. We are currently publishing these stories by typing them on the alpha smarts. In math we worked on the make -ten or "bridge to ten" strategy for easily adding numbers close to ten. This concept was challenging for many students so we will continue to practice the skills and apply them in different problem solving situations. We also talked about maps this week. We can identify the title, scale, key or legend, symbols and compass rose. Next week we will create our own maps.

Are mittens warm?

The Hoppers made a Hypothesis and tested it during this engaging experiment. Most of the students were shocked when the thermometer read the same temperature from the classroom as inside the mitten. They learned that the mittens themselves are not warm but rather trap the heat from our warm hands. Take a look at our scientist in action.

Sock Snowmen

All you need for a snowman in Texas is a sock, some stuffing and some decorations. The Hoppers enjoyed making their own sock snowman on Friday during e-slot. Take a look at the cute little characters that the Hoppers created.

Walk to Read Kick Off- Libraries of Love

On Friday we heard from Trudy Marshall, our former librarian, who created Libraries of Love. She shared about how she created libraries for the children of Uganda and what a difference it makes in their lives. This was the kick off to our fundraising campaign where we raise money and donate hard back books to help support her wonderful work. This is a great opportunity to teach the Hoppers about Philanthropy and helping others.

Next Week:

  • We will learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and his contribution to America. We will talk about why he is a great leader and how he has shaped our community.
  • We will finish up our learning on temperature and weather. We will use the weather app to look at temperatures around the world and connect it to our learning of maps.
  • We will continue to work with maps. We will create our own map of the playground and bury treasure in a secret location to discover later using a map.
  • We will continue to read books about snow and winter. We will finish publishing our story about a magical snowman.
  • We will talk about balancing equations and using the addition strategies we've learned to solve problems.
  • We are spelling the following high frequency words: see, will, day, just, so, with, did, like, some, would

Important Announcements

Snow Day is Friday, January 25th-

We will have some winter fun and drink hot cocoa. Please wear your Pajamas!

Flat Stanley Activity

A yellow note is coming home in the January 22nd Monday Folder about an activity we are doing that goes along with the book, Flat Stanley. Please send back the yellow "Flat Stanley" sheet with an address by Friday, January 25th. The address should be to a friend or a family member who would be willing to take some photos, write about some adventures with the "Flat Hopper" paper cut out we send them and return it to school.

Scholastic Book Orders- Order online at scholastic.com/bookclubs using our class code GKD28 by 01/25/19

Walk to Read in Support of Libraies of Love

Friday, January 18th began our school-wide global outreach project, Walk to Read, intended to teach our children about philanthropy by raising money in support of Libraries of Love. Libraries of Love is a local non-profit, started by the former LME librarian, that promotes literacy by creating libraries in Kenya and Uganda, Africa.

Your student brought home a donation envelope and letter explaining this project. The fundraiser will run from January 18th until February 1st. Our goal for the Walk to Read program is 100% participation and we would like to raise $7000, which if every student brought in $10, we could easily reach this goal! Participation includes collecting donations from friends and family and/or bringing a hardback book to donate to Libraries of Love at the Walk to Read Finale on Friday, February 1st.

​​​Please consider talking with your child about this program and making a donation towards this worthy cause. Click here for more information on the Walk to Read program at LME.

Healthy Snack Contest

Please send in the following healthy snacks:

Jan. 22-25 Oranges

Jan. 28-Feb. 1 Snap Peas

Feb. 4-8 Bananas

Feb. 11-15 Snow Peas

Feb. 20-22 Apples

Parent Volunteers- We Want YOU!

We have many open volunteer opportunities that are not being filled. Please consider donating an hour of your time to come and help in our classroom. You can sign up to do math games at one of our once a month Monday afternoon times (1:45-2:45) or for only 20 minutes reading to our class as a celebrity reader. Please click on the links below to add yourself to the sign up sheet. We LOVE seeing parents in our classroom. Please consider joining the fun!

Math Game Sign-Up

Celebrity Reader

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, January 21st- Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (No School)

January 21st-February 1st- Walk to Read Campaign

Friday, January 25th- Snow Day (wear pajamas); Flat Stanley Address Due; Scholastic Book Order Due

Monday, January 28th- Math Games 1:45-2:45 (Volunteers Still Needed- Sign Up Here!)

Friday, February 1st- Walk to read Finale

Monday, February 18th- Staff Development (No School)

Tuesday, February 19th- Staff Development (No School)

Monday, February 25th- Math Games 1:45-2:45

Friday, March 8th- End of 3rd Nine Weeks