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This will be my twentieth third year as a high school teacher and I am so please to be able to experience it as part of the McNeil family. Before coming to McNeil two years ago, I taught at the Ann Richards School in Austin and prior to that I taught in NYC. I have two advanced degrees in education and love my profession and the students I serve. I have spent most of my career teaching Advanced Placement Social Studies and Debate, but in coming to McNeil I add a new opportunities of fostering a learning environment in the career fields. When I am not on campus at McNeil or at a debate tournament, I chasing my three year old son. He is my north star!

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1st Period Debate 1

2nd Period Debate 1

3rd Period Advanced Debate

4th Period Planning Period

5th Period Principles of Business

6th Period Principles of Business

7th Period Principles of Information Technology

8th Period Conference Period


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