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FCE Supply Drop Off August 13, 2018 at 4:30pm

Like you, I wear 'many hats' in my life, so I have decided that would be a good way to give you a peek into just who Ms. Kuhl really is!

Daughter: I was born a 'Baby Boomer' to Dr. Ivan W. and Ruth A. Kuhl in McAllen Texas.

Sister: I have eight brothers and sisters and am the 7th child of 9. My siblings names are Peter, Paul, David, Anita, Mary, Walter, Corien, and John. I am between Walter and Corien in birth order. Yes, Walter is Dr. Walter B. Kuhl the pediatrician at the ARC clinic in Round Rock. He is my big brother. :-) ... AND yes, our family gatherings can be quite large. In fact, 25 seems small to us.

Mother: I have one daughter, Heather, who is married to Derek Sholl. Heather is a co-founder of the nonprofit organization THE BOOT CAMPAIGN which serves the military veterans. Their primary goal is to aid their assimilation to a meaningful civilian life in a variety of formats such as: employment, housing, and physical, mental, and emotional medical needs.

Derek is a vocal and instrumental musician who performs throughout Texas and in his boyhood state, California. He works out of the Houston area. He performs pieces from many genres, but he's known for his work in country music.

Both Heather and Derek are personal trainers in Houston.

Grandmother: I have twin grandsons, Aidan King and Austin Kuhl, born August 20, 2012. I try to spend time with them at least once a month and of course, I wish I could see them more. They are cute, smart, hilarious, cuddly,... well, they're just perfect. My class will see pictures of them from time to time throughout the year, of course. :-)

Aunt: I have over 20 nieces and nephews and now have over 20 GRAND nieces and nephews. Isn't it amazing how our capacity to love is endless!

Teacher: I am a graduate of THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN with a degree in Applied Learning and Development. I am certified in Regular and Special Education which required coursework for talented and gifted in addition to what most may consider 'special needs.'

Reader: I am an avid reader who is always torn between reading what the kids are devouring and my own interests. I tend to read mysteries and biographies for leisure. I also read gardening and cook books because those are creative outlets for me. I read from an ereader and good ole paper.

Soprano: I began leading song with guitar and flute accompaniment during church services at age 11. I continued throughout high school and college, but with additional knowledge and opportunity was able to broaden my experience more formally. I performed in scholas, madrigals, choirs and solo with piano, organ, and orchestra. I was fortunate to participate in a variety of performance genres: musicals, themed shows, theatre, and operas.

After a 10+ year hiatus, I have returned to singing in church as a cantor, choir member, psalmist, and soloist at St. Theresa's in Austin. I am also a member of the Austin Diocesan choir and the St. Edwards University Masterworks choir.

Gardener: I am an organic gardener. I enjoy visiting famous gardens when I travel and going on day trips to garden nurseries and public gardens. I have a fascination for the some of the tools of the trade, such as trugs, watering vessels, and hand tools for small handed and short people. :-)

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