Welcome to Kindergarten

We have been BUSY the last few weeks learning all about animals!! We've talked about animal classification and learned about the different characteristics of amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish and mammals. Kindergarten students had the special honor of a visit from Tiny Tails to you to kick off this fun learning! We got to pet bunnies, chickens, a tortoise, a bearded dragon and so much more! During our trip to Crowe's Nest, we got to see all of the different types of animals in real life! After all of this real life experience, we decided it was time to make our own zoo! For days, students worked on building habitats, Thanks to everyone that came out to see our showcase! We had the best time ever learning all about animals!

All about Numbers!!!

Last week, we spent a great deal of time recognizing numbers to five and learning how to subitize! This week, our focus is on numbers 6-10. Check out what these kiddos have come up with already!

The first few days of school were EXCITING ones!! We got to meet our classmates & principals, learn fun things about each other and how to navigate our school. Best of all? Albert Einstein came to school to visit just as we were talking about being scientists...what are the chances!?!?

Stay tuned for more fun...