Chisholm Trail Middle School


Bonjour! Bienvenue à la classe de français. In this class students will familiarize themselves with basic vocabulary and grammar structures so that by the end of this course, students will be able to read, write, and speak French at a beginning level.

About The Teacher

I am a firm believer that “a man who speaks two languages is worth two men.” I have no doubt that a person who is able to communicate in another language has a better understanding of the world around him. A foreign language helps an individual not only communicate in another language when traveling but also to be more accepting of diverse cultures and to bridge social barriers. In addition, a person who is multilingual develops better memory and multitasking skills. One of the greatest rewards of all is the manner in which an individual’s first language skills are strengthened when he/she has been exposed to a second language. They become more aware of the mechanics of their own language and develop better vocabulary and grammar skills while also being conscious of sentence construction and comprehension which help enhance their academic scores in a wide variety of exams. Lastly, I must mention the career potential of being multilingual. There are many medical, law and business careers that offer substantial financial benefits to an individual who can communicate with the clientele they interact with daily.

I have a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Texas at Austin with a major in Spanish and Portuguese and a minor in French. I have trained substantially in Advance Placement courses in French and I received a scholarship from L’Ambassade de France (Bureaux d’Action Linguistique) to study teaching French as a foreign language. I have 30 years experience working as a French and Spanish teacher. I have attended additional college French courses in language, culture and history in addition to a variety of development classes to strengthen my teaching skills so that my presentation of lessons are relevant and engage each learner.