7th Grade Science

Room 501




Tuesday afterschool

Thursday before school

Teacher wish list: $1 ear buds, Sharpies, composition notebooks!

Hello! Welcome to 7th Grade Life Science. My name is Erika Alderman-Macht (aka Ms Macht). I graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison a long time ago ;) . There I received my bachelors degree in Animal Science. I have a diverse science background and have been privileged to have worked in some exciting fields throughout my lifetime. These include Mayo Clinic in the department of Transplantation Biology as well as a Veterinary Technician for various small animal practices. However I do come from a family of educators! Both of my parents were science middle school science teachers and finally after “a few years” I decided to follow my true calling….teaching science! To give you a little insight to my world, I have two children, Ashley(13) and Kayla(10).

My philosophy is that learning should be fun and engaging, so I gear my class toward more hands-on student centered activities. I am absolutely thrilled to start this school year---it's going to be fantastic!