Mrs. Kirby's Class

Fourth Grade, Forest Creek Elementary

November 16, 2018

School, Grooviness, and a Week Off

Thank you to everyone that was able to come to Thanksgiving Lunch today; the kids really enjoyed it. Tomorrow is the Groovy-O-Rama performance at 2:05. I HIGHLY recommend arriving early if you plan to come. Parking, check in, and finding a seat consume a lot of time.

The class should have written in agendas that we were scheduled to have a vocabulary quiz today, and reading logs are due tomorrow (only 100 minutes instead of 150), so that it doesn't run into the break. Each student made their own vocabulary cards, and they should have been prepared. However, with an extended library visit for one class, Thanksgiving lunch, and a fire drill, this did not happen. I will give the quiz tomorrow.

Progress Reports/IPRs are in Thursday folders. I often get questions about the numbers next to the grades. These are in the columns labeled CM1 or CM2. the numbers refer to a code, and the comments are underneath the long line at the bottom. Most students work cooperatively, some are a little chatty, but ALL of the students I teach this year are kind. I am very grateful to have such great kids to work with.

I am assigning NO HOMEWORK over the break, but I am encouraging everyone to read. I am not requiring a reading log. If a student is behind on previous logs, or was ever missing a log, I am giving the option to work on making up the time over the break. However, Mrs. Canizales and I believe that the break should be family time. We will be enjoying time with our families, and we hope that all of you enjoy time with yours.

Be safe, relax if you can, and we will see everyone on Monday the 26th!

November 7, 2018

Word Study and Other News

I'm sending home a word list with over 500 frequently used words. This is NOT for any upcoming tests, but rather a reference for students to use throughout the year. I told the classes that it is like a multiplication chart for writing. After you have had a chance to read it, students will keep in in their writing folders. However, I have also attached a copy here.

On a related note, students will have a vocabulary word study quiz next Thursday, Nonmember 15. They will be studying during class, but there should be 10 words written in agendas for this week. If you have any questions, please let me know.

There will be a Veteran's Day program on Monday (two, actually). The program for K-2 will be at 8:15 and the 3-5 program will be at 9:30. There will be a slideshow honoring Veterans, so feel free to send in photos. Veterans are also welcome to join us in person.

The OMS Toy Drive has been extended until November 16th, so please send in any new toys you have to donate.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

October 16, 2018

Picture Day Tomorrow!

I wanted to update you on a few things:

  • Tomorrow is Picture Day. There should have been a flyer in your child's Thursday folder last week. If you missed it, you can still place an order for photos online.
  • I will be out for the remainder of the week. I let both classes know; I am heading out of state on an urgent family matter. Mrs. Canizales will be the best point of contact for both classes, and if there is a change in dismissal, please contact the office at 512-464-5350.
  • Next week is Red Ribbon Week. the theme days are:
    • Monday, October 22nd - Our School Chooses to be Drug Free! Wear your FCE spirit shirt.
    • Tuesday, October 23rd - Follow Your Dreams and Be Drug Free! Wear your pajamas.
    • Wednesday, October 24th - Put a Cap on Drugs! Wear your favorite baseball cap.
    • Thursday, October 25th - Rally in Red Against Drugs! Wear anything and everything red.
    • Friday, October 26th - Join the Drug Free Army! Wear camo.
  • The library is back open, so our usual Thursday library day will resume. Please help your child remember to bring in any books that need to be returned so that new checkouts can be chosen.

Thank you! I hope everyone stays safe and warm, and I hope to see everyone again on Monday.

September 28, 2018

Parent/Teacher Conferences

It is time once again for parent/teacher conferences. We would like to invite you and your child to meet with us. Please sign up here to schedule a conference.

In some cases, we have recently met or have a meeting scheduled soon. If you prefer, we can send home the conference form for your review, and you can simply sign and return the form. However, please feel free to sign up for a meeting if that is your preference.

We look forward to meeting with you all soon!

September 20, 2018


The class has earned another reward based on behavior, and they voted to bring in stuffed animals tomorrow. They need to be no bigger than what would fit inside a backpack, and they should not make noise.

September 6, 2018


Our homeroom class has been working toward individual recognitions. We hit the goal of 300 "sticks," so tomorrow we will celebrate with a Pajama Day and lunch in the classroom. The class voted for this, but it is optional.

Next reward: stuffed animals. :)

September 3, 2018

Home Access and other news

Home Access is now available. Whether or not you are new to this system, you should be able to login at: Returning users should be able to login with previous credentials, and new users should be able to enroll at the same website. We do not currently have grades loaded, but hopefully we will be able to do so by the end of the week.

A couple of parents asked me about STAAR scores from last year. Parents should have received an email from TEA with directions on how to retrieve the scores. If not, parents can log into Home Access (HAC) and go to the registration page. For all students who were enrolled in RRISD last year, there should be a TEA student portal code. Go to the TEA website: and login with that code and your child's birthday. The website should guide you from there.

Forest Creek will be hosting a Grandparents' Lunch date on Friday, September 7. If you would like to purchase an adult lunch from the cafeteria, please RSVP with your choice and count. The cafeteria flyer should be headed home soon. If adults plan on attending, but no cafeteria order will be placed, no RSVP to the cafe is necessary. It is always a good idea to RSVP to the office once the office releases that form.

Book orders went home in the last round of Thursday Folders. Please return your book order by Friday, August 31 if you would like to place an order. That can be accomplished with the flyer form or online.

That's the biggest news as of right now! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

August 24, 2018

Happy birthday to Mrs. Canizales!

We made it through our first full week! I will be sending out more emails and information later, but I wanted to let everyone know that it is Mrs. Canizales' birthday on Sunday. It's rare for her to have a birthday during the school year, but we started much earlier than usual.

I don't think we have gone through the process of official homeroom parents, and usually those folks are pretty sweet about letting my class know when my birthday is coming up. I figured that I would step in and do that for Mrs. Canizales (and I hope I'm not stepping on any toes). I may be more excited than she is, because we just never get to celebrate her during the year.

I'm sure that if you have time and supplies, Mrs. C would love cards from our kiddos wishing her well. I'm also attaching her favorite things from the list in the office. I hope we can take advantage of the early school calendar and wish her a happy birthday.

I hope all of you have a lovely weekend.

August 19, 2018

Two Days In

The first couple of days of school have been terrific. Our students have been getting to know us as well as each other, and so far transitions between the classrooms have been smooth. We don't have access to all of the contact information in Home Access yet, so this is going out to the families that have entered email addresses into our Google Form. If you haven't received an email from us, we don't have your information yet. Please take a minute to complete the linked form.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone Tuesday evening at 5:00 for our Back To School/Open House night. We will discuss some basics, including what to expect with homework, grading, and testing this year. If you aren't able to make it, we will share the slideshow afterwards. Hopefully by then we will have full access to all contact information, but I will post it to this website as well.

Hope to see you all on Tuesday!

August 14, 2018


It was terrific meeting all of you tonight! My apologies that we didn't get much of a chance to talk. We will be having an Open House evening next Tuesday, August 21, at 5:00 which will hopefully give us a bit more time. We will start in classrooms, and then families will have an opportunity to receive information from Mrs. Sharp in the cafeteria at 5:30.

On the first day of school, doors will open at 7:15. The cafeteria will offer breakfast, and students who are not headed there will line up outside our classroom. At 7:30, we will start class, and students will be marked tardy at 7:45. We will begin with language arts, and then about 9:30 students will switch to Mrs. Canizales for math and science. About 11:20 the class will return to my room for social studies, and the remainder of the day. Lunch will be about 12:20 (there have been a few schedule shifts, so it may be a few minutes later), and Specials will be at 2:00. Our homeroom will have PE on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and will alternate art and music on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students will dismiss from Specials, although the fourth grade teachers will be there to help with the process. The school day ends at 2:55.

There will be plenty more information to come, but hopefully that gives everyone a good overview. Please feel free to email me anytime at (email is usually the best way to reach me).

Mrs. Canizales and I are looking forward to a great new year!

July 27, 2018

Almost There!

Summer is nearly over...back to school sales are in full swing, and teachers are starting to prepare for the new school year. I'm looking forward to meeting a new class!