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  • Fruit or Vegetable of the Week: Green Beans
  • Snack: We will have a snack break at 9:00, so please send a small, nutritious snack such as trail mix, graham crackers, nuts, granola bars, or fruit. Please do not send candy, sweets, or any food requiring the use of utensils. Send a water bottle that your child can take outside during recess.

Weekly Update

Literacy: Character traits, motivation, feeling, trait, connection. Features of a sentence (declarative sentence, interrogative sentence, period, question mark, proper noun). Common and proper nouns. Generating ideas and planning as a writer (brainstorming, draft, brief stories, brief comments). Identifying high frequency words (sight words). Open and closed syllables. Spelling (beginning blends).

Math: Applying 2-digit place value concepts to the study of bar graphs and pictographs (concrete and pictorial models, standard form, written form, expanded form, category, compare, comparison symbols [>, <, or =], compose number, conclusion, data, decompose number, difference, even pairing, greater, greatest, key (for pictograph), label, least, length, less than, little less than, little more than, more than, odd pairing, open number line, order, place value [tens, ones], prediction, sort). Writing and solving one step word problems using addition and subtraction using data from pictographs and bar graphs. Identifying whole numbers on a number line a determining if it is odd or even using pairing. Skip counting by twos. Adding within 20.

Science: Changes From Heat (change, heat/heating, cool/cooling, mass, material, balance, melt/melting, evaporate/evaporating, freeze/freezing, temperature, thermometer, increase heat, decrease heat).

Social Studies: Identifying the roles and responsibilities of a good citizen (truthfulness, justice, equality, respect for oneself and others, responsibility in daily life, and participation in government by educating oneself about the issues, respectfully holding public officials to their word, community service and voting). Understanding why good citizenship benefits any community, including our school. Outlining American citizenship expectations under a democratic government. (customs, symbols, and celebrations that represent American beliefs and principles, individualism, inventiveness, and freedom, patriotism, pledges, "The Star Spangled Banner", "America the Beautiful", state and national birds and flowers, the U.S. and Texas flags and Uncle Sam) Looking at historical examples of good citizens (e.g. Paul Revere, Abigail Adams, World War II Women Air force Service Pilots (WASPs) and Navajo Code Talkers, and Sojourner Truth)

Important Dates

  • Monday October 9th NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday October 10th Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences NO SCHOOL. Please click on the Conference Sign Up Sheet to sign up for a fall parent/teacher conference.
  • Thursday October 19th Fall Picture Day

Information For You

  1. If you plan to volunteer at LME in any capacity this year, please fill out the Volunteer Application as soon as possible. This will ensure that your application has plenty of time to process prior to the event.
  2. If your child will be absent, please fill out the LME Online Absence Reporting Form. This will notify me and the office of your child's absence.
  3. The Aligned Round Rock Curriculum shows the general schedule of what we will be learning this year in second grade.
  4. Here are Round Rock ISD's guidelines for second grade: 2nd Grade Report Cards.
  5. In compliance with COPPA, we want to notify you that our class will be using various technology tools that require student accounts, such as Seesaw, MackinVia, PebbleGO, MinecraftEDU, Google, ScratchJr and BrainPop. If you would like to deny your child permission to use a tool on this list, please email at

Wish List

  1. GUARDIAN VOLUNTEERS!!! Our class needs volunteers to read with students, make copies, prepare class materials, share skills & crafts during an Friday morning E-Slot. Please email me at with your availability.
  2. LEGO Bricks
  3. Children's Books
  4. Children's Games: Sequence, Chinese Checkers, Chess
  5. Kidz-Gear Kidz Control Volume Limit Headphones (whichever color)
  6. Dry Maker Erasers
  7. Crayola Model Magic

Questions? Please feel free to contact me at: or at 512-464-4365.