Pre-AP Geometry 2017-18

Class Announcements:

Probability Project due on September 20/21

Unit 2 Quiz on September 28/29

Unit 2 Test on Oct 6/11

Google Classroom Codes

1st Period: w7qn74

3rd Period: 3n5xe3

4th Period: kduy7x

5th Period: 2tcdu3n

6th Period: eq982e

8th Period: 2nd4uw

Geometry Textbook - pdf version

Geometry Remind - see the following links to get reminders for A-day or B-day.



Supplies Needed for Class

The most important thing needed for class every day is a laptop. These are checked out by the school or students may bring their own. While we will do many things digitally, there will be some handouts and worksheets that students will need to keep organized. The following supplies will be needed throughout the year:

  • 1 inch 3 – Ring Binder
  • Notebook Paper
  • Graph Paper
  • Pencils and Pens

If you are unable to get the supplies, please see me personally and I can help.

Any extra supplies students can bring to the class such as tissues or expo markers would be appreciated.