Grisham Counseling

Career Exploration

During the month of October Mrs. Leverette and Mrs. Kemper will teaching Guidance lessons about College and Career Development. Mrs. Leverette will be teaching 8th grade Team 8-1 and all of 6th grade October 17th-19th and Mrs. Kemper will be teaching Team 8-2 and all of 7th grade October 31st-Nov 2nd.

September is Suicide Prevention Month

For information about how to prevent suicide or risk factor for suicide, click on the resource tab.

Counseling Needs Assessment Surveys

Surveys were sent out to students via their student email and parents will receive their link via team newsletters or the weekly e-news. I have also provided the parent link below.

Please click on the link below to complete the needs assessment.

The group topics are as follows:

*Grizzly Guys Talk- Topics include academics, relationships, managing emotions, and communication

*Grizzly Girls Talk-Topics include academics, relationships, managing emotions and communication

*Transitioning Families-Topics include relationships, managing change in the family, and communication

*New Beginnings-Topics include managing grief and loss, managing relationships and communication

*Lunch Bunch-Lunchtime with the counselors to catch up, play games and hang out


Mrs. Leverette is the counselor for all of 6th grade and 8th grade (last names M-Z) and Mrs. Kemper/Mrs.Ball is the counselor for all of 7th grade and 8th grade (last names A-L). Mrs. Natalie Ball will be filling in for Mrs. Kemper until October 25th. Please feel free to email her at Natalie_Ball in Mrs. Kemper's absence.