4th Grade

What we are learning:

Writing: The students are learning about writing engaging leads for their personal narratives.

Reading: Students are working on how to sequence important events from a fiction book and that will lead into cause and effect relationships.

Texas History: This is Freedom Week! We are learning about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights and what those documents represent for our country

Math: We are beginning Unit 2, Whole number addition and subtraction. The students will be reviewing the standard algorithms as well as estimating sums and differences, reviewing additional strategies for addition and subtraction and creating and using data charts in word problems.

Science: We are beginning our study of different forms of energy, what they are and how they are used in our world.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Sept. 22 Progress Reports Go Home
  • Sept. 22 4th grade t-shirt orders due
  • Sept. 29 Fall Picture Day
  • Oct. 9 Parent Conferences( team conferences )
  • Oct. 13 Friday Assembly 3rd-5th Grades
  • October 18-24 Book Fair