Eiland's Islanders

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Important Dates

Monday, October 9th, Student Holiday

Tuesday, October 10th Parent Conference Day

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We got 100% on the Excellence Fund Campaign. We're having a school wide Reward soon. It will be a very special celebration for those classes that received 100% Yay!! Islanders!!

We went to the Preserve today and had a very special lesson with Mr. Hance our new Enrichment Teacher. He taught us a lot of facts about the natural habitat behind our school. We're looking at a deer on the playground.

We learned that if we can see an animal around our thumb (one eye closed) then we're too close. 4 Rules of the Preserve 1. Stay on the trail 2. The Rule of Thumb (keep distance between you and animals) 3. If you see a snake, pause and walk backwards. 4. Keep your voice low and be respectful of the nature around you.

First Day of School - Team Building - Saving Fred

First Day of School and Giant Bubbles

Welcome Letter

BOY Student Letter


Homework Club will be open soon for children in grades 2-5 who need help with homework or who just forgot to do it the night before. Also, if someone just needs a quiet place to get ready for the day, the rocket room works for that too. It will be open from 7:20-7:40.

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