About Me

Howdy! My name is Briana DeSantiago and I am SO excited to be your Texas history teacher!! Growing up in 5 countries fostered my love for traveling. I find that there's a huge benefit to traveling so that we can learn about the world, its history, and all of its diverse people. Although I spent most of my youth outside of the U.S, I made it home to El Paso just in time for high school! Then I went to Texas A&M University (Whoop!), after college I moved to the Austin area to teach, where I have been the last four years. I am part Mexican from my dad's family, and I take great pride in that! I am Hispanic & fluent in Spanish. I love the outdoors, exercising, podcasts, organizing, good food, spending time with my friends & family, and teaching!:) I am a very proud Texan and I love teaching about our state's rich & unique history!