Denny's Dinos

Next week we...

are learning about measuring weight. We will use balance scales and triple beam balances. We're also semi-working on writing numbers larger than 10 (up to 100 and a little beyond). This isn't really in the TEKS but it keeps coming up in class. Since we're measuring things with big numbers we've been practicing counting to big numbers as well!

are beginning to use a BRAND NEW paper. We are beginning to use something you've probably not seen before. It's not regular lined paper, or the one with dash marks in it. It looks like this...

This kind of paper will be used until 2nd grade. The lines, while different, really help the children form proper letters. This is brand new to me and the kids. We'll be practicing it a lot this next few weeks.

are learning about morphemes. When you say a word it has many sounds. Cat has three, /c/ /a/ /t/. Drag has 4 /d/ /r/ /a/ /g/. Chair has 3 /ch/ /A/ /r/. This is an important skill in kindergarten because when they can hear the individual sounds they will begin to decode larger words. I've noticed many students have memorized the spelling of words and when asked for the sounds heard it goes like this. "What sounds do you hear in shirt?" They'll say each letter sound... /s/ /h/ /i/ /r/ /t/ because they have the word memorized. When really the sounds are /sh/ /ir/ /t/. When they get older and have 5 syllable words to spell this skill will help immensely. This is where I use the saying, "Karate chop that word!"

are continuing to learn about weather and will be putting together our very own weather reports! I found an app that lets you do a green screen in the background so when the kids do their weather spiel they can put real weather graphics in the background!

are learning to solve problems in the classroom. We are revisiting the many choices we have when there is a problem in the classroom and being creative in different ways to solve our problems.

Remember January 21st is a holiday!

I hope you have a restful weekend!