Excalibur Yearbook


The 2020 Excalibur will be bigger and better than ever to celebrate Cedar Ridge High School's 10-year anniversary!

The Excalibur staff will be at every event to make sure we cover absolutely everything that goes on here during the school year. Plus we'll have a special feature where we go back through our archives and take a look at some of the amazing things that have happened here at CRHS over the past 10 years. The 2020 Excalibur will be a 272-page book filled with hundreds of fantastic photos and dozens of articles. When the school year is all over, the Excalibur is the only lasting record of what happens here at The Ridge. High school is a special time. Cherish the moments, the years, the amazing memories − and keep them forever with the 2020 Excalibur Yearbook!