Chandler Oaks 5th Grade Team

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Our Winter Session of Digital Storytelling will begin in January when we return from the break! Please sign up using the form (details in the form instructions) to participate in this round! We look forward to seeing your films!

Family Learning Night Activities & Extensions

Writing: Pass the Story

You can play this game in the car, in line, or waiting for an event to start. There are lots of variations to try, like incorporating a 3-syllable word at least once per turn, or using only dialogue, or switching every word. The point is to generate ideas in a context that makes some sense, maintaining track of where the story has been, and moving it forward in a logical way. Sometimes the stories are just silly, but some turn out really well and might inspire students to write and expand versions of the verbal stories you create together.

Rules: 1) Just one speaker at a time, taking turns in the same order. Balance talking time, but everyone contributes. 2) Keep content appropriate for elementary school, and do not kill any characters (a fast way to end the game is for someone to send a natural disaster upon the main character; it requires more creativity to think of interesting things for the character to do. 3) Listen carefully, and stay true to what has already been said in the story - what you add must make sense in context of what has been said before. Bonus - if you want to make challenge cards ahead of time, you can give them to players to have to use somewhere in the story, as naturally as possible. Example: "Whatever you do, don't ever look behind that door."

Science Activity: Paper Airplanes - Force & Motion

Math Links:

Order of Operations

Royal Rescue:

Prime & Composite

Math Fluency