Chase Tenney

World History Teacher/Football Coach

Room 315



Thursday/Friday before school. Thursday afternoon by appointment only. SEE GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR ALL HANDOUTS AND ASSIGNMENTS

About the Teacher: I am entering my eighteenth year of teaching and my sixth at Round Rock High. I am married to Ashley and have a daughter Millie (6) and son Boone (1). My hobbies include working out, reading, traveling, and hiking. I look forward to another tremendous year at the Rock.

Course Overview

This course provides students an overview of the history of humankind. Traditional historical points of reference in World History are identified as students analyze important events and issues from earliest times to the present using primary and secondary source materials, reading and writing skills, technology and critical thinking. This course earns students one social studies credit and further prepares them for next year’s United States history class.

Classroom Expectations

Behavior: Students in this course are expected to exhibit an appropriate level of discipline, behavior and responsibility.

  • Be punctual by arriving and taking your seat before the tardy bell rings.
  • Be prepared with your notebook, computer, writing supplies, etc.
  • Be polite by using appropriate language, sharing your own and listening to the opinions others, participating in class activities.
  • Be responsible by showing good judgment when working individually and in groups. This means completing assignments within timeframes provided, working as a team when required and putting your cell phones away during instruction.
  • Be respectful in the words you use and actions you take while on campus. With respect as the core of our classroom, everyone participates in the creation of a fun and productive learning environment.
  • Be mindful that cell phones, while permitted by district policy, are not to be used during class unless specifically permitted by the teacher. Students continually using their phones to text, play games, search the Internet, etc. during class time will have their phone confiscated and turned in to the appropriate administrator.

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