Mr. Clark's TX History Class

Welcome to my 2018-2019 Texas History Website!

I am very happy and excited about this school year looking forward to trying some new things with technology! This is my 7th year teaching and 5th year at RMS. I previously taught and coached at CRMS in Leander ISD, and I taught 6th grade here at RMS my 1st year here.

I love my family and talk about them way too much! My wife is a elementary school teacher here in Round Rock, my oldest daughter is starting her 3rd year of college, and my youngest daughter is five years old and just started Kindergarten.

I love to travel and see new places and can't wait to share my experiences! Being a teacher is actually my 3rd professional career and I can say without a doubt, my absolute favorite. I have high hopes and high expectations for class this year. I use technology as often as possible during class. We will discuss the school policy on BYOD during the first week of school.

Expect to be challenged and pushed beyond what you think you are capable of. Be prepared to think critically, participate in class, and test your limits.

It's going to be a great year!

To sum up who I am as a teacher and what I believe about teaching I am leaving you with 2 of my favorite quotes and a challenge.


1. Who is this man?

2. What is he known for?

3. How did he change American cultural expectations?