About Mrs. Casey

I love teaching at Cedar Valley Middle School. This is my sixth year at CeVMS although it is my 12th year teaching middle school. Before arriving at Cedar Valley Middle School, I spent 7 years teaching middle school reading on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The Eastern Shore of Maryland is also where I grew up. Not many people are familiar with the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but it is known for its beautiful beaches, wild ponies, and yummy seafood like blue crabs, rockfish and oysters!

Currently, I live in Austin with my husband Paul and my sweet pets, Casey and Missy. We like to spend our time canoeing the local lakes and rivers, cooking a variety of different delicious foods, watching football and baseball games, and traveling as often as we can.

I come from a long line of teachers and educational professionals; you could say I was born to be a teacher. I earned my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Elon University in North Carolina in 2006, and also have my M.Ed. from Salisbury University in Maryland as a certified Reading Specialist.

In my classroom I want my students to develop a love for reading and writing. Books are the key to knowledge, and writing allows us to communicate and impact others through sharing our ideas with the world. I want to help students discover their strengths, their areas for growth, and help them set goals so that they can grow to reach their full potential.