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Username: rrisds######

(where # is your student ID)

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Password: s######

Late Work Policy:

  • For every day late a deduction of 10 points will be taken from the assignment not to exceed 30 points total taken for lateness.
  • Late work is accepted only if it is from the current unit of study. Example:A student is attempting to turn in an assignment from the Colonial Era and that unit has 'closed' and the class has moved on to the Revolutionary Era-This assignment would not be accepted. (A unit closes once the exam for the unit has been given).
  • This policy is in place to allow a grace period for students while also implementing a 'hard deadline' for students to prepare them for the expectations of high school and beyond.

Essential Supplies:

  • Blue or black pens
  • Spiral bound notebook (college rule preferred)
  • Glue stick or scotch tape (personal preference)
  • Headphones (nothing fancy necessary)

Recommended supplies:

Would be useful but not required

  • 1 folder with pockets (to store graded work)
  • Highlighters
  • Scissors

Team 8-4 Families,

As a community we are very fortunate to be dealing with the normal day to day ongoings as a campus; prepping for tests, getting grades done and looking forward to weekends. However, due to the lasting effects of Hurricane Harvey not all school communities are this lucky. Please, if you are able, donate to a school that my advisory class has been paired with.

The school is located in Dickinson, TX and many in the community lost everything, school is not yet in session. The above link will take you to Amazon to purchase a needed school supply or gift card. Handwritten notes of encouragement would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance and raising the types of kids who want to help out others.