U.S. History


Please know that the vast majority of assignments, handouts and slides are housed in my Google Classroom. Please use it to access content.

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Late Work Policy:

  • Major Grade - 10
  • Daily -20
  • Late work is accepted only if it is from the current unit of study. Example:A student is attempting to turn in an assignment from the Colonial Era and that unit has 'closed' and the class has moved on to the Revolutionary Era-This assignment would not be accepted. (A unit closes once the exam for the unit has been given).
  • This policy is in place to allow a grace period for students while also implementing a 'hard deadline' for students to prepare them for the expectations of high school and beyond.

Essential Supplies:

  • Blue or black pens
  • Spiral bound notebook (5 star notebooks & college rule preferred)
  • Glue stick or scotch tape (personal preference)
  • Headphones (nothing fancy necessary)

Recommended supplies:

Would be useful but not required

  • 1 folder with pockets (to store graded work)
  • Highlighters
  • Scissors