La clase del profe. Castellanos

Español un puente entre 21 paises.


This is my forth year as a Mustang at Canyon Vista. I look forward to have a fun and awesome year. You will learn a lot of Spanish and the culture of the Spanish speaking countries.

Español 1B

Profe. Castellanos

Salón (Room): 216

Teléfono (Phone): 464-8241


!Bienvenidos a la aventurta del aprendizaje de español! / !Welcome to the Spanish learning adventure!

Que tal?,

You will learn how to communicate read and write in Spanish. I am here to guide you in your language journey. The expectations are great, and with dedication, you will be successful in our class. The following is important information that will help you throughout the year.


Please come prepared everyday (notebook, supplies, homework, etc.) and with a positive attitude. You are expected to keep up with all of the following:

● completing assignments such as: Homework, projects, group work, etc.

● Studying for test and quizzes

● Ask for help when need it, coming to me or your peers.

● Checking teacher website when appropriate.

Tutoring: I am available for tutoring Tuesday and Wednesday, from 7:40-8:10 am. Thursday from 3:40 to 4:10 p.m.

Grading –breaks down as follows:

25% - daily work and homework *You may redo any failed assignment or assessment

40% - tests and major projects within 1 week of the grade posting in the grade book.

35% - quizzes and mini projects You must attend 1 tutorial prior to quiz / test retakes.

Late Work:

Turning work in after it is asked for will result in late points being deducted. Work turned in late the same day up through the next day will be an 80 at best, -5 pts. each day thereafter. Remember is not a completion grade is a mastering grade.

Classroom Rules/Expectations:

You are expected to …

● be on time and come prepared

● participate and stay on-task

● be cooperative and respectful

● follow all school rules and expectations


My Conference period is from 11:10 to 11:50 a.m.

I look forward to a have a lot of fun and a great year with you! - Profe Castellanos

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