Mrs. Visger

6th Grade ELA & World Cultures

Contact Information:

Carrie Visger, LPC-I

Room 120

Phone: 512-428-2610


Tutorials: T - F mornings and Wednesday after school

Grades: For all classes, if your student receives a grade below a 70, they are allowed and encouraged to come in for a RE-TEACH and a RE-TEST. They can earn up to a 70%. I am available each T-F Mornings and after school on Wednesdays for re-teaching concepts. Please don't hesitate to email or call with ?'s.

Visger phone

Parents: If you are texting your child in class, there is a chance they will get their phone taken away for the day! Please contact our school office ONLY if you need your child! Thank you for your cooperation! Office Phone is x2504