Welcome to Brian Vuong's Teacher Web!

I will be teaching On-level Chemistry 1st and 5th period, Pre-AP 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th period with conference periods 3rd and 7th. My tutorial times are all mornings except Wednesdays and after school except Thursday and Friday unless otherwise notified. (I will mention these in class the week before and/or week of). Please refer to the "Contact Info" tab for a basic overview of tutorials and my schedule.

For this course, I will be using Google Classroom for students to access documents. Please click here to access Google Classroom.

About Me

I am a McNeil alum and attended the University of Texas at Austin to receive teaching credentials from the UTeach program. I majored in Biology and have a wide interest in all things science. In understanding the scientific method, we can inquire and suggest explanations for many phenomena in the world through testing and analyzing the processes to formulate better explanations. I hope in this year I can help students to better grasp this aspect of science to use throughout their academic career and life.