AP Statistics


August 19, 2019

Happy Monday! Here are a couple of important links for online access/content!

AP Classroom: every student MUST be registered in AP classroom in order to have access to online College board content and to register for the AP exam this fall. Directions and online codes: Ms Calvin's classes / Mrs. Pydyn's classes

Online Textbook: Go here to login (using your RRISD student number and password) and access the online textbook content.

August 14, 2019

Welcome to AP Statistics, and we hope you are having an amazing first couple of days at McNeil this year! To find our class six weeks calendar, use the menu above to hover over "calendar" and choose "daily." Here, you'll find our schedule for each day, as well as any notes, assignments, etc. for each day.

While you're here, please take a look around and familiarize yourself with what's available on the AP Stat website, and let your teacher know if you have any questions or concerns!