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Monday and Tuesday, February 18 and 19: Student Holiday

February 22: STAAR Ready Writing

March 5: STAAR Ready Reading

March 7: STAAR Ready Math

April 9: STAAR Writing

May 13: STAAR Math

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In the Astronaut Classroom...

Math: Decimals

This unit has two goals. The first is to introduce students to the decimal form of numbers. Students learn that these numbers are another way to represent fractional parts and that they are an extension of the place value system. The second goal in this unit is for students to make connections between whole number addition and subtraction and decimal addition and subtraction. Namely, we want students to see that it is all about joining and separating quantities, regardless of whether those quantities are whole numbers or decimals.

Science: Patterns on Earth

In this unit, the student will conduct descriptive investigations where they observe the qualities of an object or event in nature and try to form a reasonable explanation for why or how it happened. The student is expected to collect and analyze data to identify sequences and predict patterns of change in shadows, seasons, and the observable appearance of the Moon over time.

ELA: Reading Informational Texts/Writing to Explain

During this unit, fourth graders will continue to understand and summarize texts, describe relationships among and across ideas in text, and use text features and graphics to gain an overview of the informational text. Fourth graders will rely on text evidence to support their understanding. Students will look at texts organized by cause and effect, sequence, and comparison. Students will explain how various design techniques used in media influence the message (e.g., pacing, close-ups, sound effects), as it applies to this informational unit. In writing workshop, fourth graders will continue crafting essays with strong and well established central ideas, supported by facts, details, and explanations, and a concluding statement. Writers will strengthen their ability to write in support of their central idea. Students will continue to use writing tools, strategies, and the writing process to write quality essays. Fourth graders will edit for accurate spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and conventions.

Social Studies: The Civil War and Reconstruction

This was the connection Texas had with the South along with the belief in states’ rights and slavery. Texas will secede from the Union to fight along with the South during the Civil War. Reconstruction will bring many economic, political, and social changes to Texas, but unlike many southern states after Reconstruction, Texas will thrive. This unit will specifically focus on the impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction on Texas.

You can help support your student by:

- Check with your student to see if there is any homework

- The expectation is that each student should read at least 30 minutes each night. Having conversations about what they are reading, specifically having students draw a conclusion about their book based on their background knowledge and text evidence. You can also have the student read aloud to you.

Words Their Way: students should be practicing their words nightly by completing the Words Their Way activities.

Volunteer Applications & Sign Up:

Any person wishing to volunteer in RRISD is required to complete a Volunteer Application each school year, to improve student safety. We strongly encourage all our parents to complete a 'Volunteer Application' as early in the year as possible. You must have a volunteer application on file each school year if you plan to chaperone a field trip. Click here to complete the volunteer application.

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