Mrs. Williams' Algebra

Important Updates


Test Tuesday for A day and Wednesday for B days!!!


Make sure to bring supplies to your next class! You can bring a dollar for a notebook

Supplies 8/8/18

In order to be most prepared for class, I would like you all to bring the following:

  • 1 composition notebook (I will also be selling for $1 each)

I also would like students to bring additional supplies based on their class period:

  • 1st period: pencils
  • 2nd period: AAA batteries
  • 3rd period: glue sticks
  • 5th period: dry erase markers
  • 6th period: Kleenex
  • 8th period: sharpies

Purchasing a calculator is NOT required as there is a class set. However, if possible it would be extremely beneficial to purchase your own graphing calculator(TI-84 and newer). I bought mine in tenth grade and used it through college! They can be purchased on Amazon (here) or at Walmart (see here). You may also buy an app on the iTunes Store or the Google Play store for only a couple dollars.