Miz A's Bees

Kinsa Free Thermometer Program

FREE thermometer alert! Did you know we were part of a program that gives free ($20!) Smart Thermometers to all families at our school? It started a couple years ago, and now it's back! If you got one of the original Kinsa Smart Thermometers but it no longer works with your phone, or you are new to the school since our last program, get yours by following the easy instructions here: http://kinsahealth.com/tylenol

Once your app is downloaded contact Nurse Caroline between 7:30-8:00am or 3:00-3:30pm for your Free Thermometer.

Preserve Day is planned for every MONDAY. Please wear closed toe shoes and pants (cover ankle/shin) for hiking safety.

PE is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Wear clothes and shoes you can be active in.

PE is with Ms. Schnier.

Art and Music are Tuesday and Thursday on alternating weeks.

Art is with Ms. Schorn.

Music is with Ms. McKenna.

Library is biweekly with Mr. Jurecka. Your Language Arts teacher (Mr. Holmstrom) will take you to Library, so check with him for dates.