If you have Ms. Rainey for Science, Miss Wood for World Cultures, Mrs. Davalos for Language Arts, & Mrs. Lau for on-level or Accel math, then check the calendar below for your daily homework assignments.

Click on each entry & "more details" to find added attachments such as handouts and worksheets. If the daily entry contains notes, it is up to the student to be sure to ask the teacher for the notes if he/she was absent that day.

Many assignments will also be uploaded to our Google classrooms (which students can access through their Google drives). Teachers will note in the calendar below if assignments can also be found on the classroom.

Need a planner? Print this one page planner each week to help you remember your assignments! Most teachers also have copies of this in the classroom!

Campus Grading Policy

Team Tutoring schedule (& email links):

Language Arts with Mrs. Davalos - Mondays mornings 7:45-8:20, & Monday afternoons 3:35-4:00

Math with Mrs. Lau- Thursday afternoon 3:35-4:00, & Friday mornings 7:45-8:20

Science with Ms. Rainey - Tuesday mornings 7:45-8:20, & Tuesday afternoons 3:35-4:00

World Cultures with Miss Wood - Monday mornings 7:45-8:20, & Thursday afternoons 3:35-4:00