Academic Team

Commander: Mohammed, Sophia (512)913-9241

Academic team meets every Tuesday at 0815-0845.

The purpose of our Academic Team is to hone the intellect in preparation for taking the SAT or ACT college entrance exams and to seek to build self confidence through public speaking.

The Academic Team participates in two different types of competitions.

The first type of Academic Team competition is an Academic Bowl, hosted by the College Options Foundation each Fall. Academic Bowl emphasizes SAT and ACT preparedness, with just a little bit of current events and civics to make preparations a little more interesting. During our preparations for the Academic Bowl, our cadets are drilled on practice tests and practice exercises taken directly from theThe Official SAT Study Guide, published by The College Board.

The second type of Academic Team competition is held at each Marine Corps Junior ROTC drill meet. The Academic Team competes against other ROTC units in the areas of current events and Marine Corps history. Cadets prepare themselves by studying knowledge and attending each academic team meeting, in which we will go over possible knowledge that could be tested over at the competition.