Special Teams


The purpose of our Academic Team is twofold. First, we seek to hone the intellect in preparation for taking the SAT or ACT college entrance exams. Secondarily, we seek to build self confidence through public speaking.

The Academic Team participates in two different types of competitions.

The first type of Academic Team competition is an Academic Bowl, hosted by the College Options Foundation each Fall. Academic Bowl emphasizes SAT and ACT preparedness, with just a little bit of current events and civics to make preparations a little more interesting. During our preparations for the Academic Bowl, our cadets are drilled on practice tests and practice exercises taken directly from theThe Official SAT Study Guide, published by The College Board.

The second type of Academic Team competition is held each Spring at a Marine Corps Junior ROTC drill meet. The Academic Team competes against other Marine Corps Junior ROTC units in the areas of public speaking, current events, and Marine Corps history. Cadets prepare themselves by building their self-confidence and poise while speaking before an audience.

Please see our CALENDAR for the practice schedule.


The purpose of the Cyber Team is to engage our cadets’ interest in the growing field of cyber security. Our desire is to increase interest in computer science, computer programming, and computer network security.

We compete in an annual competition called CyberPatriot. CyberPatriot is the premiere national high school cyber defense competition created to inspire high school students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s future.

During team practices, cadets learn about computer network fundamentals as well as computer network security. This is one of two teams (the Academic Team is the other team) focused on preparing our students for college.

Please see our CALENDAR for the practice schedule. Almost all of our practices involve hands-on computer work.


The purpose of our Rifle Team (also called the Shooting Team) is to instill good habits self-discipline, attention to detail, and patience. We do this through teaching the fundamentals of marksmanship using .177 caliber air rifle pellet guns.

Each year, we usually field 2 teams of 8 cadets who compete in 2 different types of competitions.

Most of our Rifle Team competitions are called "postal" shooting matches. That means that our cadets shoot at paper targets and then we mail the targets via the US Postal Service to whomever is officiating the competition. Normally, postal matches have many, many schools competing in them.

Sometimes, however, we will shoot what are called "shoulder to shoulder" matches during which cadets will travel to a location and shoot with other cadets from other schools. These shoulder-to-shoulder competitions are time consuming and very limited in the number of cadets who can compete.

During the 2011-2012 school year, our shooting team qualified for and competed in the Marine Corps Junior ROTC National Air Rifle Championships in Anniston, Alabama.

A little known fact: there are nearly 40 NCAA Division I, II, and III colleges and universities that offer marksmanship and/or rifle scholarships. If a cadet has the drive, motivation, talent, and work ethic required to excel at this sport, scholarship opportunities abound.

Please see our CALENDAR for the practice schedule.


Also called the "PT Team." The purpose of the PT Team is to increase personal fitness and build self-confidence. We seek to instill a lifelong desire in our cadets to remain physically fit and active.

The PT Team participates in athletic events at Navy JROTC (NJROTC) and Marine Corps JROTC (MCJROTC) drill meets and field meets. Normally, the team is comprised of a boys team (4 male cadets) and a girls team (4 female cadets).

The individual competitive events differ from one competition to another, but, in general, the PT teams will compete in the areas of upper body strength (pull-ups and/or pushups), abdominal or "core" strength (sit ups or crunches), and some sort of cardio-vascular endurance event (individual run or relay run).

At some of our competitive events, certain schools also host an obstacle course competition. These obstacle courses evaluate cadets' overall fitness and agility as well as their ability to work together as a team.

Please see our CALENDAR for the practice schedule.


We have 2 drill teams: Armed Drill Team and Unarmed Drill Team. The purpose of our drill teams is to enhance discipline, teamwork, and esprit de corps.

Our Drill Teams compete in Navy JROTC and Marine Corps JROTC drill meets. During these meets, our cadets are graded upon their ability to perform precision close order

drill movements (or, marching around) within a confined space.

Our Armed Drill Team marches with de-militarized M1903 Springfield .30-06 "dummy" rifles (in other words, they can no longer shoot bullets). Our Unarmed Drill Team marches without rifles.

Please see our CALENDAR for the practice schedule.


The purpose of our Color Guards is to presents our Nation’s flag at many public events around Williamson and Travis Counties.

Our Color Guard is our primary "public relations" arm and it always admirably represents the school, the Corps, and the Nation.

In addition to being involved in many public events, our Color Guard Teams also compete in Navy JROTC and Marine Corps JROTC drill meets.

During competitions our cadets are evaluated in a similar fashion as the Drill Team. Close order drill, characterized by precision movements in a confined area, is the goal. Cadets compete in either the Female Color Guard, Male Color Guard, or Mixed Color Guard.

Please see our CALENDAR for the practice schedule.