Planner Guidance / Tips

Here is the planner rubric you will be graded on from 07 September going forward.

5 grading areas + 1 area for easy extra credit!

You can correct planner shortfalls and resubmit for lost points.


Key examples

Here is an example of using the "Skeleton"! You should have these penciled out at LEAST 2 weeks, 3 to 4 weeks is ideal!

Note the "Daily Habits"! Follow these and you will excel! In all your endeavors!

Here's a good blog on effective use of a planner. Look through and you may find some ideas for you to improve in your effectiveness and efficiency!

How to fill out your Grade Check Form in your planner!

Make sure:

  • Label the blocks with your classes
  • Thicken the box around any class with less than 70

Here are a list of COMMON mistakes that Cadets are currently making (OCT/NOV 2018 time period)

Below is the feedback from this round of planner checks. ***This tells you what to make sure you have for success in the next round!!***

* Skeleton needs to be complete 2 weeks into the future.

* Start listing ALL your homework and To-dos in the "notes/reminder section on the right. This way you have a SINGLE place to look for all your homework and things to get done each week.

* on your daily space, write next to your skeleton what actually took place in class. Like a diary.

* be careful. Don't just put a box and just color in a box. Those boxes need to be important and show you what is Undone, what has been started, etc. That is your self-check to ensure nothing is lost, forgotten, etc.

* RAKs, make sure you are documenting them, and we should be beyond the minor things like held door. Find things that are more meaningful. That doesn't mean more time or more work. Think, more meaningful.

* Use the boxes for self-check. If it is done, color it in. If half done, color in half, if you didn't finish put an arrow to the right to forward the task.

*Your planner, should have all those things you must do each week. Phone calls you have to make, people you need to speak with, actions you have to take (e.g. go to DMV, put halloween costume together, wash uniform, etc.)

*You should have A/B on your weekly circled, and written in on your monthly (not wasting space).

* Bottom line, use the tool more! Simply use it 2minutes in a highly focused manner, 5 times a day (a whole 10min). This will win you back at least double your investment each day! Giving you more time to do with as you please. Decrease the required energy and effort to maintain your current performance, allowing you to perform better if you so choose.

* Look at and attempt to use the tool as well as some of the examples on the webpage:

FOR those that are ready for more and seek to further improve their skillset in planning / organization and productivity, google search,

  • "bullet journaling", to get some really cool ideas to SAVE even more time and to make your planner even MORE effective!

PINTEREST Board with good Planner ideas/tips that will Make you BETTER, FASTER!!!

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