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Read/View the below! These are here for your use! Deepen your Well of Fortitude (WoF)!

1. We've seen this a few times! Refresh your understanding of procrastination!

  • Strengthen your "Rational Decision Maker"
  • Crush your "Self Gratification Monkey"

2. The following video will blow your mind! The power of mindset! Do you have a PROACTIVE MINDSET? ...or a REACTIVE MINDSET?

Proactive Mindset = Growth Mindset

Reactive Mindset = Fixed Mindset

Watch this...look at the power of PARADIGM (of perspective, of viewpoint)...

3. Another video I need you to watch! Remember us discussing Jacko? The Navy SEAL? His expression of the things we talk about is unvarnished and maybe a little harsh to some of us. Hopefully, this speaks to you!

  • Discipline = Freedom
  • Fight the Quitter Instinct (the easy path)
  • Things are tough? ..."GOOD!"
  • 0434 a.m.! Awake while the enemy sleeps!