The Position of Attention (POA)

  1. Feet touching at heels, form a 45 degree angle
  2. Hands aligned along the seams of the trousers
  3. Eyes facing forward, no glancing around
  4. No talking unless directed otherwise
  5. No twitching/ moving
  6. Shoulders rolled back

Fall In/ Fall Out

  1. Move left foot back
  2. Move right foot back
  3. Move right foot to trace a "c" shape
  4. Pivot 180 degrees

Left/Right/About Face

  • About Face
    • Move right foot in a "c" shape
    • Pivot 180 degrees
  • Left Face
    • Pivot on heel of left foot and ball of right foot 90 degrees right
  • Right Face
    • Pivot on hell of right foot and ball of left foot 90 degrees right

Hand Salute

  • Right hand only
  • Arm parallel to the deck
  • Fingers resting on cover
  • Palm facing inboard

Parade Rest

  • Move right foot to the right until feet are shoulder width apart
  • Hands folded over lower back
  • Right hand over left

Open/ Close Ranks

  • Open Ranks
    1. Take assigned number of steps (1st squad 2 steps, 2nd squad 1 step, 3rd squad 0 steps)
    2. Put left arm up until command "ready... front"
    3. Everyone but squad leader faces their head to the right
  • Close Ranks
    1. Take assigned number of steps

Form For PT

  1. Fall in
  2. Right face
  3. From front to rear, count off
  4. Take interval to the left, move
  5. Even numbers, to the right, move
  6. Assemble move

Forward March/Halt

  • Stay aligned to 3rd squad
  • 40 inches back to chest
  • Stay on step

Column Left/ Right

To The Rear March