The Camouflage Uniform (Cammies)

  • Boots and boot bands
  • Black or tan over-the-calf socks
  • Issued web belt and buckle
  • Trousers with properly bloused boots
  • Olive drab PT shirt
  • Blouse with sleeves rolled up during the spring equinox, sleeves down during the fall equinox
  • 8-point cover
  • Correctly placed chevrons (enlisted) or insignias (officers)

How To Wear Ranks

  • If enlisted, chevrons are worn a half an inch from both sides of the collar and centered.
  • If officer, insignias are worn an inch from both sides of the collar and centered.

Rolled Sleeves

  • 3-4 inches thick
  • 2-3 inches from the elbow

Boot Maintenance

  • Boot cleaning kits may be issued for boot maintenance on an "as needed" basis


  • Keep nails trimmed and clean
  • Keep hair within regulation length and cut
  • Maintain fresh breath
  • No earrings
  • Males must be clean shaven. Moustaches are allowed but cannot protrude passed the edges of the lips.

Irish Pennants (IP)

  • IP's are small strings that hang off the uniform
  • All IP's must be removed from uniform each time it is worn

The Cover

  • Should be clean
  • Small name placards may be placed inside the cover for accountability

Female Bun Types

The Belt

  • Buckle and belt tip should not have any scratches
  • Belt should be clean and worn through all belt loops
  • Only 2" to 4" of the belt is allowed to pass the buckle when worn