Overview of E-Portfolios

The ePortfolio is not just another assignment. This, much like the potential of your planner, serve to make you better in ALL facets of life, socially, mentally, physically and spiritually. Therefore, I urge every cadet to truly invest, invest your time, thought, and energy into your ePortfolio and you will be paid back in benefit more than you invest.

The ePortfolio is designed for you to do all of the following:

  • showcase your education, goals and accomplishments > increasing your self-awareness
  • provide you with a tool to reflect upon where you are, where you are going, and increasing the clarity of your path
    • provide you with a tool to specifically measure the most important skills/behaviors that most influence 'success' / 'happiness'
  • provide you with a professional presentation of yourself to potential employers, colleges and/or post-secondary (= after High School) programs

The unique resources of an ePortfolio include:

  • the ability to include video, pictures, powerpoint presentations, etc.
  • the compact accessibility of so many different aspects of your education (all from one home page)
  • ease of accessibility by anyone to whom you give the link ( potential employers, college admittance committees, etc.)
  • allows for considerable creativity, flexibility, ease of editing
  • a product that you can carry forward with you year after year

Because of the numerous advantages having an ePortfolio will provide every cadet will be required to have an ePortfolio. Again, I cannot urge you enough...INVEST! Commit to it and you will get back great benefit!!!