What happens in class in JROTC?

In JROTC, cadets will have 3 basic days. On Mondays, cadets will learn and study Marine Corps knowledge and history. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, cadets will wear their uniform to class. In class, cadets will be inspected on their knowledge and appearance in uniform, and also practice drill. On Thursdays and Fridays, cadets will bring their PT gear to class. In class, cadets will workout (PT) to improve their physical ability.

How are cadets graded in JROTC?

In JROTC, cadets will be graded on a melody of different items that show they are responsible and follow orders. Cadets are instructed to bring four items to class every day, those being a water bottle, a planner, a pencil, and a school ID. Cadets bringing those four items every day will count as a daily grade. Cadets are also graded on how well they perform at inspections. The final part of cadet grades are if they bring documents they are assigned to. For example, twice a year cadets are instructed to return a filled out promotion form before a certain date. If they return the form before hand, they will get a 100, if not, a 0. As long as a cadet does everything they are told, JROTC should be an easy 100 for them.

How is JROTC led?

JROTC is led by both instructors and senior cadets. Our program has two instructors, Major Schiller (Senior Military Instructor) and Master Gunnery Sergeant Olmeda (Military Instructor). In class, the SMI and MI will teach lessons on how to wear the uniform, USMC history, and help ensure the plan of the day if followed through. The class is also led by cadets who have been in the program for over a year. These higher up cadets will take the role of platoon commander and platoon sergeant. The platoon commander and sergeant are in charge of carrying out the plan of the day, taking attendance, and leading PT and inspections.

Is JROTC before or after school?

Cadets are only required to go to the JROTC during the assigned class period. However, JROTC provides many special teams that meet before and after school. These teams include the PT team, cyber-defense team, rifle team, drill team, academic team, and color guard. Cadets can join as many teams as they want, or can be on none and not go before or after school. The JROTC building is open to cadets before and after school, even if they are not on any special teams. Every morning and after school, many cadets hang out in the JROTC building as a place to study or hang out.

Do I get a Physical Education (PE) credit?

JROTC counts as a Physical Education class, and all cadets passing JROTC will receive a PE credit. We have our workouts every Thursday and Friday.

Is JROTC recruiting for the military?

NO! JROTC is not a recruiting program and cadets are not forced into the military with JROTC. However, many cadets in JROTC do enlist in the military and this class does teach a lot about the military.