Work With Gaby

Why trust me with your precious book?

Gabrielle Rodriguez Gonzalez is a storyteller.  While supporting lead teachers in classrooms, they introduced school-agers to a plethora of new books and encouraged their own storytelling practices.

In their work at Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency, they worked alongside authors to imagine what film, tv, or theatrical adaptations may look like, created material for it, and pitched it to Hollywood for adaptation. They extended GZLA’s network to best pitch their amazing list of award-winning children’s stories as well as establish the agency within the Hollywood ecosystem.

They're proud of their work to help stories be adapted while creating a safe space for writers who have historically had bad experiences within adaptive processes. For Rontu Literary service they write reader’s reports for writer’s drafts while uplifting their creativity to keep aspiring authors focused on the betterment of their stories. 

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