Welcome to the Embassy Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ECAL), an apostolic hub whose purpose is to connect and network apostles, apostolic houses, apostolic centers and other apostolic hubs while providing key resources to the present and emerging apostolic leaders around the world.

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Ron Cottle, ECAL was conveyed to his spiritual son, Dr. Darrin Collins in the fall of 2020. To learn more about ECAL and get connected with us, please click the "Hook me up" button above.

Dr. Darrin Collins

Don Wales

Dr. Thomas Hale

Dr. Ron Cottle

Cottle and Collins talk ECAL vision.


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The Embassy Coalition of Apostolic Leaders is in alignment with and relates to the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders and the United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. Click the ICAL and USCAL logos below to learn more about them.