This is the "ultimate guide" for all things about iPads in Ed.

Here is a Twitter account which shares out new iPad apps. Now these are NOT vetted for quality but it's a great resource which shares out new apps everyday

The TOSA's Top iPad apps FOR STUDENT USE

  1. iMovie: Hands down, this is the KILLER app for making movies.
  2. Book Creator: simple for students to create their own ebooks.
  3. Adobe Spark: One of the most simplest of tools which allows students to create a Post, Page, or Video.
  4. Explain Everything: This is the most powerful tool that both teachers and students can use to make their own screencasts
  5. Green Screen - by Do Ink: there are several apps like this on the store but this is the best tool to use when you want to try having your students appear in fantastic scenes all by filling on a green screen.
  6. Spreaker: Want your kids to record their own audio or even make a podcast? Try Spreaker

Do you have any that you think teachers should check out