Site Technicians

May Meeting: 5/1

Things IT People Never Say

Nutrition Services POS machines (Michele)

TK-6 iPads

Summer work

Back to school schedule, talking points with principals, share best practices

Learning Fest plans and support?

Inventory? Q&A, concerns for business

April Meeting: 4/3

Service Request (Alicia, Michele, Keith)

*tip= have you shown your teachers “Snipping Tool”?

Screencasting (Alicia & Keith)

Digital Citizenship (TOSAs)

Organize Your Drive Like a Pro (Mike)

Level 1 certification testing (Ryan)

Google Slides (Ryan)

My Life As A Tech - Numbers

March Meeting: 3/6

Welcome: Get in Groups & Share a WIn/Fail

Aeries Parent Portal (Faith)

CAASPP Testing (Sarah or Mike)

EdTech Specs Update (Mike)

K-3 Chromies: (lesson for kids) still in "beta" check it out and let me know what you think

YouTube (Dan/ Summit Resources)

Prep for certification (Level 1)

Google Sheets (Dana & Alicia/ Summit Resources)

Google Forms (Dana)

Google Hangouts (John)

February Meeting: 2/6


did not have time for: