PLN=Personal Learning Network. This is a newer acronym but the basic idea has been around for a long time. It's the people with whom we connect, share ideas, and learn from. These were usually your connections to educators at school, but now these can be vibrant and professionally fulfilling relationships with other educators from anywhere.

The first step in building your Network is finding which conversation you want to be part of and where the conversation belongs. For example, lets say I want to be part of the dialogue that is happening regarding the Next Generation Science Standards. So, with a little research I find a vibrant community on Twitter chatting using the hashtag #ngsschat. To find a Twitter conversation that may fit what your're looking for try this list of popular education chats from Alan November.

What do you do after this first step? Well, below is a Sketchnote about the "7 Steps in Building Your PLN" (sketchnote courtesy Misty Kluesner )

If you interested in learning more about how to develop your own learning network, you may want to check out this book called Personalized PD and the corresponding Twitter chats with the hashtag #personalizedPD