Life After Microsoft Outlook

Here are four levels of support in which staff can turn to help aid them in this transition.

Level 1: Online Videos

Video tutorials have been created and be found below for any staff member wanting to "learn at your own speed".

Level 2: Learning Fest

At the fall Learning Fest there will be Beginning and Intermediate sessions offered as a choice for staff to attend.

Level 3: Site Based PD

A Training Team has been put together of at least one staff member from each site. These team members will work with their site principals to plan for time at staff meetings.

Level 4: Who Are You Going To Call?

Much like the Ghostbusters, if you need help, just give us a call. The TOSA Team are available for anyone who needs extra assistance. Either send an email or call our number to schedule a time for one of us to come out.

Google Calendar Resources

Gmail & Google Calendar