The Polar Bear Class

Ms. Oxenham's Kindergarten

Classroom Schedule

Mondays--Early Release @ 1:45pm

Tuesdays--STEM Lab

Wednesdays--P.E.(wear P.E. shoes)

Thursdays--P.W.(wear P.E. shoes)

Fridays--Library Day

September PAWS Award Winners!

Congratulations to Drake and Alexis for earning the first PAWS awards in The Polar Bear Class! They earned their awards for problem solving. They are both bright children who are always thinking. They solve both academic and "real life" problems in class (and probably everywhere they go!). Thanks for your contributions to our class, Drake and Alexis!

Floyd was one of our two stellar Bulldogs in the school who won a foam paw! Thanks, Floyd for being a great citizen, and congratulations for being the lucky pick!

What's Up in Room 29?

Welcome to the Polar Bear Class! We love volunteers, so if you are interested in volunteering, let me know as soon as you have your live scan and TB clearance! Most parents do really enjoy volunteering in kindergarten even if the thought of it seems a bit intimidating. Try it! You'll like it!

What else do you need to know about The Polar Bear Class? Parents, please be diligent in reading the weekly newsletter that I send out to families each Wednesday. It will keep you current on classroom information. Your child will REALLY BENEFIT from your being in the loop on the classroom details you gain from reading the newsletter. You will also receive school-wide notes and your child's completed work in the Wednesday folder each week. Please be sure to read any school notes that pertain to you. Also, try to review your student's work regularly, complimenting your child on the "smiley work" and inquiring about any "ok"s. If your child earns a smiley face, he/she is putting forth good effort and is on track for success. An "ok", on the other hand, signifies that there is a lack of effort. An occasional "ok" will happen to the best of us, but clearly you are looking for a Wednesday folder with lots of smiley faces! Your recognizing your kindergartener for great work and inquiring about the weaker papers WILL make a difference! Kids care what you think. Together we can maximize your child's growth in kindergarten this school year! Thanks so much for your help! We have a wonderful group of students and parents in The Polar Bear Class!!

Important Dates

Thursday, October 25--Field Trip Permission Slips are due & Fall Carnival!

Tuesday, October 30--Field Trip to Bishop's Farm!

Wednesday, October 31--AM V.A.P.A.; Halloween Party at 1:10pm!

Beginning of Kindergarten Photos