Welcome to our classroom!

This year is going to be amazing. I am looking forward to a great new year. Check out our website to see all that we have planned for the year.

Learning Focuses and Homework:

Please see this week's learning focus and homework below.

Homework Sheet - 10/1-5

Homework Expectations:

Students receive nightly homework, Monday through Thursday, that they write in their binder.

Reading - 30 minutes from a book of choice (every night).

Math - practice page (few times a week), math facts EVERY night.

Other - other subjects are given as needed.

I expect students to give their best effort on all their work. Please remind your child do their work NEATLY, and do not hesitate to have them redo sloppy work.

Parents are the key to making homework a positive experience. Therefore, I ask that parents make homework a priority. Please provide the necessary supplies and a quiet homework environment, set a daily homework time, provide praise and support, and contact me if you notice a problem. If you are feeling like your child needs more homework..........Read, read, read, practice math facts, or build something, bake something, play a game, help them use their skills in a real world way. This is much more meaningful than more work. If there is a legitimate reason why your child is not able to finish homework, please send a signed note stating the reason it was not completed. Thank you in advance for your support.