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The majority of what you find on the internet is protected by copyright law.

In addition to being protected by copyright laws, many items require credit be given to the artist/photographer. The sites listed here provide images that help to insure that you are not infringing on copyright and that you are giving credit where credit is due.

No Account Needed

List 1

These sites do not require an account. They are copyright-free and do not require that you provide credit to the artist/photographer.




The World Factbook (CIA)

    • Great for images of flags, sites from countries, and maps.
    • Note: The Factbook is in the public domain. Accordingly, it may be copied freely without permission of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The official seal of the CIA, however, may NOT be copied without permission as required by the CIA Act of 1949 (50 U.S.C. section 403m). Misuse of the official seal of the CIA could result in civil and criminal penalties.


    • Be sure that the filter is set for "No known copyright restrictions"

List 2

These sites do not require an account. They do require attribution (giving credit) but the site provides the citation or creates one for you.


  • Provides citation for you. You must copy it and include it in your final work.
  • Only use for educational project/purposes. Artist maintains copyright

Photos for Class

RCPS Subscription-Requires Log-in



Free US and World Maps


New York Public Library Map Warper (Historical Maps)

Library of Congress

The maps in the Map Collections materials were either published prior to 1922, produced by the United States government, or both (see catalogue records that accompany each map for information regarding date of publication and source). The Library of Congress is providing access to these materials for educational and research purposes and is not aware of any U.S. copyright protection (see Title 17 of the United States Code) or any other restrictions in the Map Collection materials.

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