Information Management with Google

Sometimes in education, it feels like teachers are managing organized chaos. There is always something happening; and usually, it is much more than just one "something". It is easy for teachers to feel overwhelmed. Our plea to educators? Let Google manage the data, so you can focus on what really matters: your students.

Use Google Forms and Google Sheets to help simplify your responsibilities in the classroom. By creating questionaries, you can easily and quickly document what is going on in the classroom. Then, let Google help you identify trends and possible solutions within the data. We hope this website will show how G Suite for Education can transform your productivity and professional workflow.

Listen to these stories of how Google transformed their classroom and professional workflow.

Kate's Story

A high school special education teacher describes her journey using Google Forms to track student IEP goals and its benefits.

Hannah's Story

A Behavior Specialist describes her journey using Google Forms to help teachers track student behavior and medical issues.

Sarah's Story

A high school special education teacher highlights the benefits of letting the teacher and students use Google Forms to build better communication.

Meet Your Presenters

Jennifer Showalter

I taught English language learners for many years in Rockingham County Public Schools. Since that time I have been an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher. My passions are working with teachers and students to use technology in ways that deepen learning and them help work more efficiently and effectively.

After teaching in a high school social studies classroom in Rockingham County Public Schools for nine years, I became an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher. I am passionate about helping other educators and our students find a "best fit" approach to technology. As a Google Certified Educator Levels I & II, I enjoy finding creative, "Googley" solutions to everyday problems.