Professional Growth for RCPS Teachers

In RCPS, we foster a growth mindset; intentional, self-directed, and ongoing professional learning is therefore essential. A professional, individual growth plan consists of two parts:

1. a student learning goal and

2. a personal goal aligned with that student achievement goal.

The purpose of this site is to provide important and helpful information about designing a student learning goal and an aligned professional development goal. Details on how to access and enter your goals in Frontline are also found here.


Step 1: Please view the video at right for a short message from Dr. Oskar Scheikl, RCPS Superintendent, followed by information on establishing a Frontline account and the process of designing a professional growth plan.


Professional Growth Plan Overview and Tutorial


Step 2: Examine carefully RCPS's learning goals as they are articulated in the document at right.

Document: The 5 Cs in Rockingham


Learn what it means to be a creator, communicator, collaborator, critical thinker, and good citizen in Rockingham County (VA) Public Schools.



Step 4: Develop your own professional learning plan using the worksheet provided at right which contains the same fields as the actual form in Frontline. This Google doc is not submitted to your principal. You will submit your actual plan in Frontline, but we suggest you use this worksheet to compose then copy/paste your information from Google into Frontline.


Step 5: Establish your new Frontline ID and submit your goals using the online form provided there. Your principal will then access and review your submission in Frontline.


1. Locate your email from Frontline to establish your new account.

2. Familiarize yourself with the form's sections.

Go to Frontline's Professional Growth Site

This site hosts your documentation and evidence for your personal and professional growth goals.

3. Enter and submit your goals.

  • See video demo of entire process including evidence upload procedure, principal approval process, and final submission steps.

Video demo by section

0:00 Teacher: Submit by copying pasting from worksheet into Frontline
1:31 Principal : Review and approve goals
2:29 Teacher: Convert any Google Docs to PDFs
3:10 Teacher: Upload and submit evidence, final narratives
5:45 Principal: Review evidence and final narratives for final approval
7:31 Teacher: Check for total process completion

Video demo


Q: From a principal: How can I access goals submitted by my teachers after I've approved them?

A: Here's a demo to show how to navigate to these:

Q: I can't paste text copied from my Google doc into the fields in my Professional Growth form in Frontline. Why will this not work for me?

A: It seems that the Chrome extension, Grammarly, can create this issue. To fix this, disable Grammarly, sign out then back into your Frontline account and it will work. Or, perhaps try accessing Frontline in a browser other than Chrome.