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Fall in Love with Our Collective Arts and Culture

Art, dance, fashion, digital design, imagination - these are the fabrics of our identity and culture. Within a nation's art and culture are the evidence of its history, politics, and economics. And now, with modern video and photography, these artifacts that document the plight of our existence, are easily and freely available to students around the world.

Google, predominately through their Cultural Institute, has built partnerships with over 2,000 collections and contributors. These collections include extremely-high resolution artifact images, 360º images and videos of cultural sites and museums, original video footage from moments in history, collections from over 40 countries with supplementary biographies, annotations, and expert analysis.

Every time I return to this cultural database, I find a wider array of artifacts and curations to showcase our combined cultures. Music, digital media, STEM exhibits, street art and graffiti, biographies, and social movements are displayed next to the most traditional and recognizable pieces from around the world. The Google Cultural Institute boast their oldest piece of art, a figurine from Berekhat Ram, dates to the Lower Paleolithic Era (about 233,000 years ago).

Students and educators alike will be learners when navigating this website, because it is impossible to not succumb to the strong sense of wonder throughout the collections, as we rediscover our favorite artists or learn about new cultures and forms of human expression.

Katie Moran

Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (2016-Present)

High School World & United States History Teacher (2007-2016)

James Madison University Graduate M.A.T. Secondary Education 2007, B.S. Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 2006

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