This is the 2018-2023 Educational Technology Plan for Rockingham County Public Schools. Previous technology plans were written and/or updated in 2016, 2010, 2007, 2004, 2002, 1997, 1995 and 1989.

This plan is modeled after the 2018-2023 Educational Technology Plan for Virginia. Indeed, every goal in the state plan appears in this RCPS plan. Any plan, whether a technology plan or otherwise, should focus on continuing to do what is being done well and state a course of action to achieve those goals not yet reached. This is precisely what this plan has tried to accomplish. This plan calls for RCPS to continue to provide the technologies, services, and support it has provided for many years but to keep an eye on the technological horizon. As RCPS fully aligns to the 2018-2023 Educational Technology Plan for Virginia, the RCPS technology department motto is more pertinent than ever: Always Connected; 100% Charged. This plan is written to enable the Division to be a state leader in the use of technology to expand student opportunities as well as to explore and implement innovative ways to improve teaching, learning, and productivity in all schools.

One last and very important note: the technology uses referenced in this plan include technology for ALL students, as the increased emphasis on personalized learning makes clear. Along with the needs of typical students, the needs of exceptional students at both ends of the spectrum must be addressed.

Kevin Perkins, Director of Technology

Last update: July 2019

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