#LiveRED Card Program:

The #LiveRED Card program is meant to promote success in and out of the classroom. For a student to be a well-respected citizen, they must be able to balance many different areas of life. They must exemplify outstanding characteristics both as a student and as a citizen of the community. The student must be able to handle many different aspects of student life while maintaining excellence in the classroom. These cards are designed to recognize students who promote and take pride in Rock Hill Middle School and in themselves.


The student will exemplify character in and out of the classroom. A student can receive a card more than once in a year, but not more than 1 in a month. Students will be selected by RHMS faculty and administration every two weeks. Every 2 weeks the staff will be reminded of the nominations and sent a link to complete the application. Staff members will fill out a #LiveRED card and address the envelope. The envelopes will then be turned into the front office. After completing a #LiveRED card we encourage teachers to make a phone call home assist in making better home to school connections.

#LiveRED Card Things to Consider:

  • Academic performance means that a student is working to their full potential (not necessarily achieving a high grade).

  • Recognize students' grades, effort and willingness to participate in class.

  • Is he/she a diligent student?

  • Effort recognized by completing his/her assignments on time, showing strong effort to learn the subjects

  • Students show progress and improvement in subject areas.

  • Demonstrates outstanding class participation and works well in peer groups.

  • Demonstrates responsibility through project Work

  • Displays exceptional citizenship by his/her willingness to help fellow classmates

  • Puts forth genuine academic effort

  • Respectful to peers and teachers

  • Is the student a positive role model?

  • Does the student actively participate and put forth full effort?

  • Does the student demonstrate respect to the student body, staff, and faculty?

  • Does the student exhibit good character?

  • Does the student follow school rules?

  • Does the student arrive to school and to class on time?

  • Does the student engage in extra-curricular activities?

  • Has the student volunteered at school or in the community?

  • Is the student a member of a club or organization outside of school?

  • Students display exemplary leadership skills.

  • Students show positive attitude toward classmates, school staff, learning and school.

  • Students demonstrate appropriate behavior.

  • Demonstrates leadership with honesty.

  • Represents the school with dignity and respect for others.

  • Accepts leadership

  • Does his/her best to make the school better?

  • Demonstrates leadership qualities by modeling examples of personal responsibility, fairness and good citizenship.

  • Demonstrates attributes of fairness and caring toward peers and staff.

  • Contributing to class discussion and motivating others to participate is important.

  • Leads by example.

#LiveRED Card Schedule:

  • Round 1: August 15th to August 30th - Card and Form submitted by August 30th

  • Round 2: September 2nd to September 13th - Card and Form submitted by September 13th

  • Round 3: September 16th to September 27th - Card and Form submitted by September 27th

  • Round 4: September 30th to October 11th - Card and Form submitted by October 11th

  • Round 5: October 14th to October 25th - Card and Form submitted by October 25th

  • Round 6: October 28th to November 8th - Card and Form submitted by November 8th

  • Round 7: November 11th to November 22nd - Card and Form submitted by November 22nd

  • Round 8: November 25th to December 6th - Card and Form submitted by December 6th

  • Round 9: December 9th to December 20th - Card and Form submitted by December 20th

  • Round 10: January 6th to January 17th - Card and Form submitted by January 17th

  • Round 11: January 20th to January 31st - Card and Form submitted by January 31st

  • Round 12: February 3rd to February 14th - Card and Form submitted by February 14th

  • Round 13: February 17th to February 28th - Card and Form submitted by February 28th

  • Round 14: March 2nd to March 13th - Card and Form submitted by March 13th

  • Round 15: March 16th to March 27th - Card and Form submitted by March 27th

  • Round 16: March 30th to April 9th - Card and Form submitted by April 9th**

  • Round 17: April 20th to May 1st - Card and Form submitted by May 1st

  • Round 18: May 4th to May 15th - Card and Form submitted by May 15th

**-denotes a Thursday

Extra Incentive:

Your hard work in helping create a culture of excellence and recognizing our students will not go unnoticed. When you complete a #LiveRED card referral you will be entered in a drawing for a gift card. The winner will be selected during the monthly teacher meetings.